DB Market Bag-Laminated for stickers


What a fun way to show off all the places you have traveled and enjoyed.  Collect stickers on your new adventures to add to the bag. I personally use this size to showcase all the microbreweries I love.

Story behind this bag:

We love to travel. I've been collecting stickers for years and I've been putting them on our garage wall, our coolers, my water bottle, my Yeti can holder--pretty much anything a sticker will stick to besides my car (that is where I draw the line). I loved the idea of my patch travel bag but patches are really just a pain in the butt to sew on after a bag is made AND when we went to Disney World this summer they didn't have a single patch in the entire park (the horror)! This week I was pondering stickers and bags and a light bulb went off. I bet a sticker will work on the laminated cotton fabric. And it DOES! They stick and they stay on. I field-tested my bag all week, from orthodontist appointments to a late-night concert, and not a sticker fell off.



I designed this bag to be very casual.  The laminated version does not have interfacing stabilizing it so it will easily roll up in a ball for when you want to throw it in a suit case.  

Size: 14"x 14"

Outside fabric: Laminated Cotton.  Only one Option left: Medallion.  Cottage Garden Pink, Just Dreamy and Black floral are sold out.

Lining fabric: cotton print

3 inside pockets

36"-54" cross body adjustable strap



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